Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Project fun

Project fun

The purpose of this project is to make concept art for a game of choice. Genre, console and style are completely open. So I started thinking of what I would like to do and why and somehow my thoughts got stuck on a platform game. For some reason they seemed the most fun and achievable as a platform I was in doubt between the psp and ps3. I'm a big fan of Sony's consoles / gaming market and would like to stick with this when possible. and so the brainstorming started about - Gameplay ,psp or ps3,viewpoint and style.

To make the environment we would need a few rules. Points that environment artists and level designers should keep in mind.  a few of those would be:

- A game worth exploring due to small hidden pick-ups, jokes and/or hints on how to progress
   this keeps the player sharp and makes it fun to stop for a minute and look around and makes replay      ability more likely

- Multiple paths towards the same point rather than 1.  Constantly following 1 line to go from a to b is pretty boring so i would like to give the player at least a few paths to give the player more control over how it wants to progress. Though the game would have certain checkpoints to for example show cinematics, have boss fights, pick up/hand in quests or complete the level.

- Environment guides the player. Even though there will be multiple paths there is nothing more annoying than getting lost in a level and/or not being able to see how to progress. Even though i wouldn't want it to be too obvious.

- It should be for all ages. speaks for itself.
- the environment and props should match each other.  I would really like the environment and enemy characters to match each other. So even though the setting might change at least things look consistent and in place.
the environment should match different themes. though for this project i will make only one environment the game will contain several. in this case it will be "futuristic / urban"

the Props shouldn't be in the way of game play or be a visual distraction. 

Having set these rules i started to make the moodboard

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