Saturday, 17 March 2012

City of the lost children

The city of the lost children, directed by Marc Caro and Jean Pierre Jeunet is a true piece of art. I've seen the movie a short while ago and really enjoyed it. It was released in 1995 and has relative low visual effects. Yet the artistic scene's and characters were really nice to see. It wouldn't be a surprise if the developers of bioshock took their inspiration from this film as they they have many similarities, but sticking with the movie.

It has original, weird yet interesting characters which was inspirational. Like the scientist that can't sleep. their uncle who is a brain in an aquarium with 2 speakers and ofcourse Ron Perlman a whale hunter that is trying to get his younger brother back.

I definatelly recommand people that are interested in art to watch this movie it's inspirational and a fun movie to watch.

Here you can find the trailer 

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