Friday, 17 February 2012

Review: Welcome to Hoxford

I would like to write a small piece about a shortfilm made by: Julien Mokrani . One of my friends linked this to me a few days ago, It's called: Welcome to Hoxford and is based on the comics written and drawn by Ben Templesmith.

The reason for reviewing this Short film is because artisticly the short film is very interesting.
The narrative, visual effects , camera viewpoints and atmosphere. The first few shots instantly caught me.  Without spoilering i'll link the (20 minute) movie here and continue after.


( Had to use a Youtube movie as Blogger does not support Vimeo but the official link can be found on the bottom)
So what did i like ?

A lot of the colorizing within the first scene ( in prison) where it's completelly grey exept the blood. The way they play with and apply the shadows. Unfortunatelly at the start it's clearly visible what has been done in 3D and what's live action but it's been done in a non disturbing way.Also later on some of the visual effects are just simply AMAZING !! 
Some examples of what i liked.

I really like the way they lighted the scene and the shot in general.

Eventhough the actor is looking directly in the camera and is  precisely in the middle you can clearly feel the threat that is (walking) getting closer.

The special effects are so cool ! a great mix of 3D and life action.

I really enjoyed the short film and wish there were more (short)films like this.

Official link to the shortfilm :

Website of Ben Temple smith:

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