Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Side tracked in Leicester

First of all my apologies for falling behind on my blog. I've been very busy and ill for the last few days
( Cold, Flu, Headache and insomnia all at the same time) but have recovered quiet well. Either way

Last week during visual design study we had a walk through the city center of Leicester. We had to find a building and draw this in 2 point perspective

<Image will be uploaded shortly>

2point perspective
However after a while we ended up in the shopping center. And as we walked through the shopping center we found this very old and broken down building. And these are one of my big interests.
Beside cathedrals and ruins i really love to see broken down buildings. as you can see the "skeleton" of the building, because it tells a story and makes me curious what would have happened.
here are some of the pictures:

As you can see there must have been a fire or maybe even a small explosion considering the side is completely gone.

Next to this building was a small interesting looking church with a lot of detail so ofcourse i couldn't resist making pictures of this.

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