Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My future ???

My future ???

So now you know who I am but what do i want ?
As mentioned in the last post i have always been strongly interested in the 3D environment.
Where i originally wanted to do visual effects i decided to do game-design to the point where i am now.  The reasons behind all these steps were simple. I've always wanted to be able too make what i thought up, to be able and see something and re create it. One of the other things i really enjoy is the struggle with limits. Probably the best example would be: Poly limits ( Hence the name of my blog). This forces artists to find creative ways around objects to make them look more detailed and/or better.

Having said this people might wonder why i did Game-design first then and then game-art. One of the reasons for this is i was that I was not aware between the difference of game-design and game-art. The course involved a lot of game-art and programming aswell as it is  hard to show people a game without having any graphics but the main drive was game-design. Finding new ways of interaction (Gameplay)  and with the main question probably being WHY do this or WHY do that ? This was very useful information but after doing this for several years but i didn't enjoy game-design as much as game-art. With the questions of why still standing, as in: Why do these houses look like that or why do these people wear these type of clothes. The moment the third year students had shown us their work and explained to us the trips that we would make, the research we would do and how we would have to go through a bootcamp to make it. I got exited because i like being challanged, if everything would be too easy then i'd get lazy and most likelly will learn less than when i have to stay sharp to keep up to date.

So what do i expect from the future ???

Overwork, overwork and more overwork. Having worked for Activision as QA/Localisation i know how much extra time the developers had to spend to reach shipping date. Beside overworking i've also seen the good things having a laugh with them, a semi relaxed environment where people talk to eachother and generally have the same interest. I hope to part of  one of those fun proffesional game development teams one day. To become a Character or Environmental artist and work on tripple a title's. My ambition would be to work for Valve due the their extremelly well polished and great games ( Half-life series, Portal, Left 4 Death etc ) but there's a lot of other developers out there that make great games i'd like to work on. Who know's what offer i get after 3 years of study and where i end up time will tell.

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