Sunday, 26 May 2013

CMC Comiccon London

Last weekend was comiccon and I decided to go ( first time there).
I wasn't sure what to expect but it seemed fun and it definatelly was in the end.
So what made me decide to put this in a blog about game-art one might ask but
there actually was a lot of interesting things. And regardles of a direct connection with
Game-art or not I could definately see a connection. There was a lot of art ( duh ! )
Beside the expectable popularity of manga there we're plenty of other art styles to find
and while looking around for interesting things I might learn of my eye fell on a
comic called: Telikos Protocol  made by : Peter Cooper and Adam Burn.

I felt inspired by their images and the looks of their comic so I decided to one of their comics and
have a read through.

From what I've seen it's all futuristic but it has a nice use of lighting and complimentary colors, I love the use of orange and the energy the comic gives at points.At this point it gives me a bit of a goal to aim for as I wish I was this good.

As i moved on I also found some Japanese charcoal paintings that caught my interest. Unfortunately
I quickly realized these we're prints rather than the real deal and so I moved keeping it in mind.
Once at home i did a quick google to see if I could find the exact same thing.
It took me a bit but I found an image and will definatelly do more research on this
Seeing if I can achieve the same thing.
This image was made by koningsberg and kind of reflects the style it was made in ( though not completely as he's made a contour character)

Beside these 2 things I also really enjoyed the league of legends tournament( gamer after all )
and the amount of stands they had, even some of the cosplay was really cool to see ( So much stormtroopers ! )

I'm looking forward going to gamescon and other conventions now i'm a bit more comftable using public transport
in London ( sorry but the underground seems like a maze !!! ).

P.s I couldn't make any foto's as I forgot my photo camera !

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