Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Re discovering Ink !

In the last 2 live drawing sessions I've caught the attention of the ink pen brush. So I decided to buy and try it and absolutely fell in love with it again.  The idea of making permanent marks without being able to easily adjust it but also the quickness and differences in lines have been really enjoyable.
I started looking around to see other artists that use ink a lot and kind of ended up with 2 very inspirational artists. One I found thanks through Daniel Hill Is Yoshitaka Amano who is well known from the early concept art of Final Fantasy and vampire hunter D. and can be seen:


And Yoji Shinkawa, well known from the concept art of metal gear solid:


and just looking at these video's give me a burst of motivation to get my Ink pen brushes out and start smacking some ink around till I manage to reach a standard much like them !

here's some of my of the pieces I really like:

and Yoshitaka Amano

Unfortunately i don't have neither of their art books ( yet) so i haven't been able to see everything but i can't wait to get my hands on them !

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