Thursday, 3 May 2012

Movie review: The Cabin in the Woods

After high expectations from seeing the cryptic website I had high expectations. A short trailer that ( especially after seeing the movie) doesn't say much and avoided ANY spoiler. Not because there's none in there but because there's none needed.

One of the reasons I decided to have a rant here.

The story is basic... a group teenagers go to this little cabin in the woods they find a room and horrible stuff happens. Now I have to give them the cudo's for at least doing a little bit more effort than keeping it with that but  cliché's haven't been avoided. Yet incase anyone wishes to waste their time on this movie I will not spoiler but warn. A simple minded movie that might as well have been another episode of scoobie doo. People that are EASILY satisfied by movies will love it and it there for really surprised me to see so many good reviews on this.  I might have to see it again...and again... and maybe again to find more...interesting things about this movie but it feels like director: Drew Goddard ( cloverfield,lost and alias etc) decided it was time to put in EVERY single rejected idea in the movie so it should hopefully scare someone in the audience every time something pops up.  The effects are okay-ish there is nothing TOO shocking in the movie no real moments that made me sit on the edge of my seat but I guess I survived the movie.

I decided to write at least an honest review on the movie rather than a biased one. Hopefully this will prevent another one of these poorly written movies from being released in the cinema.


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