Friday, 11 November 2011

My personal gaming history

My personal gaming history goes back to when I was about 6 / 7 it was about 1991 where i Started off.
I started playing small games like The dangerous Dave a side scrolling platformer and Paperboy. Clones of pong. A bit later my dad game home with games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom things like that. It caught my attention even more than the others and it didn't take long before i started asking if I was allowed to play games on the computer more and more. As I grew up I got familiar with the terms demo and freeware so I often went to a friend's house for him to burn a ton of demo's for me so I could play them at home. I must have finished the Command & Conquer demo that contained only 3 levels at least 20 times. It was mind blowing how realistic and awesome it was to me. Soon i got the full version of Command and conquer and Warcraft i loved it. the strategy obliterating my enemies angry parents because I spend way too much time on the computer and often got way too much into it.

Several other games that made a big impact on me back then were: Worms,Duke Nukem 3D, Tomb raider (obvious reasons I guess), unreal and Half Life. Half Life  ESPECIALLY has always impressed me greatly.the story, the animations the world... it really feels like you're in "Black Mesa". One of my favorite and mostlikely for people also the most boring part was the start in the train. I kept on looking around at soldiers running back to their helicopter cargo being transported the things happening made the game for me.

By this time I was completely addicted to games. No game would be released without me knowing all the in's or outs.

As time passed on I started playing Final Fantasy which I really enjoyed due to the again great story, detailed environment, great character development game play and mini games. I must have finished the game about 6 times by now with the last time being about 3 years ago. The graphics might be old now but i still think the Final Fantasy series can survive for people who are in the genre.

While in high school I played a lot of Unreal Tournament over the network. Continued the Command & Conquer and Warcraft series loyally. And of course Half-life 2 which i can't say much more about than I already said about the first one.

I've played Pokemon and really enjoyed the story but also the game mechanics. even today I still think the Pokemon >> Gameboy<< RPG's are a really solid title.  The story is simple but not cliché, the game play appeals and there's a lot of sense of progression through the game.

Then I got games like Portal that had simply again one of the best stories I've seen so far. a fun puzzle game that kept me busy for a while. and games like Left 4 Death as i really enjoy co-op games.

I ended up with World of Warcraft which kept me busy for several years unfortunately. Unfortunately in the sense of it's a good game and I enjoyed my time but. During this time I didn't play any other games i didn't expand my knowledge of games ( I did in the sense of art) and lost a lot of time.
Until I canceled my subscription and started to play the games I missed before like for example Mass effect 1 & 2.

In my gaming history I've always mostly been a PC gamer. I have had a Sega mega drive, Game Gear, Gameboy color/Advanced, Playstation, Playstation 2 and now Xbox 360 but most of my games have been pc. I also mostly enjoy RTS, RPG and sometimes FPS games. I'm not narrow minded when it comes to games that are outside these genre's ( portal for example) however these generally have to be good games that have both really good game play and story as that's what i enjoy most in games. So from games in the future i hope there will be original games again ( most of the things coming out now seem to be clones and/cheap rip-offs or developers milking out an IP) Portal would be a great example, Left 4 death or even a small title like Bastion which was originally released with the Xbox live arcade pack and due to its success quickly became available for pc on Steam.

So original games, Quality and while I'm at it maybe scale the difficulty up a notch. because it really feels like games these days only have the easy and easier option. several games that will be released soon and live up to this criteria are: Skyrim ( 11-11-11) Diablo 3 ( early 2012) and Guildwars 2 ( un announced release date). these and the examples of Half life, portal and left 4 death are the type of games I'd love to work on.

P.S of course i still hope about every single day valve will release an episode 3 or Half Life 3 but seeing how long it's been silent i fear for the worst.

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